“I didn’t know how to pronounce English clearly before I took this class. It was very useful for me….I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to improve their pronunciation.”— Madoka Aoyama

After a couple of accent reduction classes, my (American) husband noticed a significant improvement. I discovered many unspoken rules in English.”— Junko K

“I have noticed that people are able to understand me... or if they don’t, I say it again using the tools that we learned in class.”— Aaron Dominguez

“I have learned English with many instructors and professors, but Liz is special and unique the way she teaches and engages with her students. You will love being one of her clients.”— Pagna Donlevy

“Bigler ESL will help you to get rid of your fear and to move forward.”— Mina Tanaka

“Since Liz has a lot of experience teaching English to Japanese and her husband is Japanese, she has deep insight about where the weaknesses and hints/tips for Japanese people are. I definitely recommend her for other Japanese.”— Erika Katayama

“I thought I would be able to understand English good enough since I had studied English in Japan a bit. However, the reality was totally different! I couldn’t catch what American people were saying and they couldn’t understand what I mean to say. Also I thought I was not young enough to catch everything! At that time, I was lucky to meet Ms. Bigler. She always corrects my mistakes and she shows me the ways that can be understood by native people. I don’t need to be nervous, because she always makes her lessons fun, the way she is!”

When you talk to American people, they never correct your English unless they don’t understand. Even though you make some mistakes and it is not natural, they don’t care about it. However, Liz always writes notes while we talk, and she lets me think about where my mistakes were every 10 minutes or so. In order to be closer to be native (and avoiding “Broken English”), it is very important for us to know where we make mistakes. Liz’s lesson is always easy-going and so helpful for me.”— Y.B.