Accent Reduction Courses, "Level Up" Classes for Kids, and New Teachers!

Bigler ESL courses and lessons:   

I’m pleased to announce that we have two new teachers on the team at Bigler ESL.  Lee Ann Early and Mike Macomber are our new team members!. Lee Ann has taught Japanese women in other programs, and Mike has many years of business experience.   Why don’t you sign up for a lesson with one of them? Until the end of March, I’ll be offering half price the first two lessons to any new students if you want to try and see what you think.   A full hour of private English lessons for just $25! Try it!

Adult English Coaching:  

Lee Ann or Mike:  $200/month. SPRING SPECIAL:  Half price for first two lessons for new clients.  

Liz:  $75/hour

Kids’ English Tutoring

Liz:  $50/hour

Kids’ “Level Up” class for spring break; 4/1-4/5  Two hours per day:  $450

Intensive Accent Reduction Course

I’m also offering the Intensive Accent Reduction course again this spring.  Four weeks to better communication with Americans. We’ll have an evening course for working people and morning classes for ladies; your choice! Also, I’ll be offering the Part 2 in May for clients who’ve already completed the first course.    Contact me for more information and prices.  

I have exciting news about a new software program by Blue Canoe that helps your pronunciation in a real and measurable way!  This is a revolutionary new program that is based on the Color Vowel System that I use to help you hear and produce all the vowel sounds of English.  This program actually records you and gives you feedback so you can adjust your pronunciation and stress. It’s really fantastic, and is ONLY available through authorized, trained professional teachers.  Bigler ESL is proud to be the only school authorized in Georgia to sell subscriptions of this product. Subscriptions are available for 6 months at a time. Come in and let me demonstrate how to use it.

Lee Ann Early, Bigler ESL conversation teacher.

Lee Ann Early, Bigler ESL conversation teacher.

Mike Macomber, Bigler ESL Business Specialist

Mike Macomber, Bigler ESL Business Specialist

Elizabeth BIGLER