About Bigler ESL

Liz Bigler, founder of Bigler ESL offering English lessons to Japanese speakers of English

Bigler ESL was founded by Liz Bigler in 2012 after a long career of helping Japanese speakers with English. Bigler ESL offers customized learning plans according to the needs of each client, through private learning sessions(online or in-person). Sessions combine working with pronunciation and the rhythm and flow of English, as well as improving phrases and grammar as needed, in order to maximize effectiveness as a communicator. This specialized coaching helps clients minimize the frustration of misunderstanding and being misunderstood in English.

Bigler ESL also offers Intensive Accent Reduction Courses, which uncover the secrets of spoken English for Japanese speakers who are tired of having to repeat themselves for coworkers and other Americans. These courses are customized specifically for the problems that Japanese speakers of English typically have, including incorrect stress placement as well as incorrect production of individual sounds (R vs. L, work vs. walk, bag vs. bug, etc.)

Liz in 1990, teaching in Takahama, Japan

Liz in 1990, teaching in Takahama, Japan

Using a combination of methods and resources, including the revolutionary new “Color Vowel Chart” technique, Liz and her staff help Japanese speakers become more easily understood and use the English that they already know more effectively.

Bigler ESL also offers presentations and training for corporate events, with a variety of topics related to English language learning and life in the US.

Bigler ESL’s highly trained and experienced staff also offers weekly customized language lessons for children, spouses, and business professionals of all levels at offices in Peachtree Corners (a Northern Suburb of Atlanta), on business premises, or in private houses.