About Bigler ESL

Liz Bigler, founder of Bigler ESL offering English lessons to Japanese speakers of English

Bigler ESL was founded by Liz Bigler in 2012 after a long career of helping Japanese speakers with English. Bigler ESL offers customized learning plans according to the needs of each client, through private learning sessions(online or in-person). Sessions combine working with pronunciation and the rhythm and flow of English, as well as improving phrases and grammar as needed, in order to maximize effectiveness as a communicator. This specialized coaching helps clients minimize the frustration of misunderstanding and being misunderstood in English.

Bigler ESL also offers Intensive Accent Reduction Courses, which uncover the secrets of spoken English for Japanese speakers who are tired of having to repeat themselves for coworkers and other Americans. These courses are customized specifically for the problems that Japanese speakers of English typically have, including incorrect stress placement as well as incorrect production of individual sounds (R vs. L, work vs. walk, bag vs. bug, etc.)

Liz in 1990, teaching in Takahama, Japan

Liz in 1990, teaching in Takahama, Japan

Using a combination of methods and resources, including the revolutionary new “Color Vowel Chart” technique, Liz and her staff help Japanese speakers become more easily understood and use the English that they already know more effectively.

Bigler ESL also offers presentations and training for corporate events, with a variety of topics related to English language learning and life in the US.

Bigler ESL’s highly trained and experienced staff also offers weekly customized language lessons for children, spouses, and business professionals of all levels at offices in Peachtree Corners (a Northern Suburb of Atlanta), on business premises, or in private houses.

Our Teaching Team


Our staff is highly qualified and experienced. Contact us for a free consultation and needs analysis.

Liz and her husband at a family wedding in Kyoto.

Liz and her husband at a family wedding in Kyoto.


Liz Bigler is one of Georgia’s most experienced English as a Second Language specialists. She has been married to a Japanese national for over 25 years and visits Japan frequently.  

Some of her professional highlights include:

  • Has created a method of one-on-one teaching that emphasizes a conversational base with detailed and personalized correction of pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

  • Holds a certificate in “Teaching Accent Reduction to English Language Learners” from the University of Georgia

  • Is the only Master Teacher Trainer in Georgia of the Color Vowel System of pronunciation.

  • Lived and taught English in Japan for 3 years

  • Has taught English to Japanese speakers (and others) for over 25 years

  • Has taught TESOL certificate program (to teachers of ESL) at Kennesaw State University

  • Taught at Seigakuin Atlanta International School for 10 years

  • Holds a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and ESL from Georgia State University

  • Certified instructor of the Compton P-ESL Accent Modification method

  • Speaks conversational Japanese

  • Visits Japan frequently.

  • Specializes in the typical problems Japanese speakers have with English vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation

  • Member of TESOL International and Georgia TESOL



Bill Parson has a certificate in teaching ESL (TESOL) from Kennesaw State University, a bachelor's degree in Mathematics, and an associate's degree in electronics technology. He has over 20 years of classroom experience, teaching ESL and other subjects. Based in the Peachtree City area, Bill teaches on-site Business English in a corporate environment, and one-on-one private lessons. He says, “My love of teaching and the feeling I get when I do something to help someone take a step forward in their life are enormously fulfilling and gratifying. I’m really happy to be a part of Bigler ESL.”



Julie Roberts has over 20 years experience teaching English to immigrants from all over the world, and at all levels. Her interest in working with internationals was sparked by the experience of being one herself for two years in Russia! After returning to the USA in 1994 she obtained a Master's degree in ESL from Columbia International University, graduating in 1996. She has taught English in the classroom at Georgia Piedmont Technical College for almost 20 years, as well as in private tutoring jobs. She helps students learn in a communicative way and has particular strengths in teaching pronunciation and grammar. She joined Bigler ESL in April 2017.

Carol McIntyre of BiglerESL


Carol MacIntyre served as the English Department Chairperson of Dunwoody High School for 28 years, during which she was named Teacher of the Year twice.  She taught in the Governor's Honors program for three years, and served as a consultant for its English program.  Carol has won two Fulbright scholarships to India and Peru, and summer fellowships to Virginia Commonwealth, Yale, Princeton, and  New York University Syracuse. She's also served as English Department Chair at Wesleyan School, and taught ESL at Kennesaw State University.  She is fluent in French and loves traveling, dogs, and sushi.